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self-care boot camp

it takes courage to choose yourself first!

Is this you...

You want to start putting yourself first in all areas of your life & start practicing better self-care 

You know you need to set better boundaries with family and friends but you aren't sure how to do it

You are sometimes afraid to take risk (personally and professionally) because you are unsure of the outcome and don't want to make a mistake

YOU doubt yourself and your abilities do what is best for you

Your past lives rent free in your head and you are ready to move forward

you want to reshape your mindset for a more peaceful lifestyle

If so, then it is time to choose you first!

are you ready to practice self-care unapologetically, while building your self-confidence?

It's time to take a courageous leap!

COURAGE Self-Care Bootcamp is designed for women like you who are ready to choose themselves first and love themselves better. women who are ready to build their self-confidence and place themselves first once and for all!




  • Wishing I could take up more time and space for my wants and needs

  • Not knowing how to set boundaries with friends, family, and significant others

  • Not believing in myself and being afraid to take risk

  • Not knowing how to practice self-care because I just didn't time or I always had a reason for why something else was more importanT

  • Feeling tired and always wanting more for myself

COURAGE is so much more than a quick feel good experience!

  • this is a non-judgmental space where you can finally express your wants and needs without fear or guilt.

  • this is a group coaching experience filled with so many peaceful gems that will help you live a more courageously peaceful and unapologetic lifestyle. 

  • you don't have to figure things out on your own. You can have the peaceful lifestyle you want!


focused on your new courageous lifestyle!

6 Modules

module 1

understanding your self-care struggle

  • Lesson 1: Letting it all out - Together we will discuss your self-care journey & challenges that stop you from doing more

  • Lesson 2: Addressing your current self-care mindset. - Together we will thoroughly assess how you currently view and practice self-care

  • Lesson 3: Evaluating the source of your thought process and habits - Learn how to identify the root of not being to speak on your true pains and challenges with self-care

module 2

understanding your fears, doubts, and worries

  • Lesson 1: Going back in time - Together we will reflect and pinpoint when you first started to doubt yourself and your ability to show up for yourself unapologetically

  • Lesson 2: Addressing your fears, doubts, worries - You will learn how to look and speak to your fears, doubts, and worries differently

  • Lesson 3: Developing positive self-talk - You will learn how to speak to your defeating mindset

module 3

Setting boundaries unapologetically

  • Lesson 1: Addressing the guilt - You will learn what it takes to set boundaries without feeling guilty about it

  • Lesson 2: Get creative with your boundaries -You will create and identify necessary boundaries to increase your mental peace 

  • Lesson 3: Develop your advocate mindset - You will learn how t advocate for your wants and need with COURAGE instead of fear.

module 4

Building your self-confidence

  • Lesson 1: What is confidence - Together we will discuss what it means for you to be confident

  • Lesson 2: Confidence talk for a Confident Woman - Together we will thoroughly assess how your current confidence level currently view and practice self-care

  • Lesson 3: Confidence Goals Loading - Learn how to map out your personal and professional confidence goals an how you will achieve them

module 5

accepting all of you

  • Lesson 1: Loving on your insecurities - Together we will discuss your personal and professional insecurities and map out how you will begin showing them more love

  • Lesson 2: Mastering past mistakes - Together we will discuss the top mistakes that you keep replaying in your mind and you will learn how to affirm them

  • Lesson 3: Affirming You & Making Space -Together we will create personalized affirmations for your journey. We will make space for your emotions, thoughts, and feelings

module 6

creating your personalized self-care game plan

  • Lesson 1: Defining your self-care style - Together we will define what self-care looks and feels like for you and only you.

  • Lesson 2: Map out your self-care practices - You will learn how to identify self-care practices that can keep you at peace mentally and emotionally

  • Lesson 3: Putting everything into play - You will develop a self-care game plan to put into play from this point forward


Hey There,

I'm Cassie!


I started taking my self-care and confidence journey serious in late 2015 after realizing how much of my identity was based on what others thought of me, especially my significant other at the time. Since then what started out as a self-reflection wellness blog turned into a fully grown Self-Care & Wellness Business.

  • I have helped over 50+ women learn how to practice self-care and love themselves better.

  • I have taught women just like you how to show up for themselves UNAPOLOGETICALLY

  • I have fostered a beautiful and courageous SELF-CARE COMMUNITY!

the hard truth


Take a look at your







Monique S.

This boot camp became a safe place for me to share, grow, learn, and cry if needed. I learned how to show up fully for myself. I fully recommend this boot camp for those searching for accountability, identity, strength, and wisdom because that is exactly what comes out of these sessions.


Lima S.

Cassie genuinely cares about your self care and helping you find your passion and purpose. She helped me to affirm myself more and be more comfortable marketing myself. I learned to show up for myself more and be okay with saying no. I have set boundaries especially with my family and I feel so good about it.


Francesca g.

This boot camp taught me how to practice AND enforce healthy boundaries with others and myself. Now I feel as if I can prioritize my wants and needs without guilt.  This boot camp made me want to be more intentional about my self-care and taking breaks from everyone. I enjoyed the cohort style and the idea of not feeling and processing alone.

You got questions?

I got answers.

How long will I have access to the program?

You will have access to coaching replays for life.

If I don't enjoy this what is your refund policy?

This is non-refundable. If you truly are not satisfed with it, please reach out and send me a message to chat but a refund will not be issued on any grounds whatsoever.

How long is the program?

This is a 6 week self-care coaching program. It will be fun, 's to be FUN, action oriented and information packed.

Will the classes be recorded

All the classes will be recorded and you have 1 year access to the Facebook group and the replays. So if you are strapped for time and can't show up live, you will still have access to the replays.

When are the payments due?

Your deposit is due as soon as you know you want to enroll. Then the reaming payments are due on a biweekly basis. The entire balance of your payments must be paid no later than May 31, 2021 at 11 pm EST.

How many women are you accepting?

Only 10 women and the program is ALWAYS booked out fast.

How will you and I communicate?

Outside of class we will be using Telegram to chat; answer questions and share wins. We will not chat via Instagram direct message as messages can get lost easily.

Do you have a payment plan?

Yes you can pay for the course in 3 payments with a deposit to hold your spot.